Nanjing Tour Guide

Some snow shoots from Fuzimiao after the snow in Feb, 2016

Nanjing Local Food Tour - with foodie Sam :D

We will have a food fun day out!

Nanjing boasts so many tasty Chinese restaurants that it is impossible to list all of them.  Xinjiekou the city center is where we should start. It has a huge underground shopping center with tons of snack bars, juicy stands, milk tea, restaurants all packed into one place, this is where local people shops and eats for breakfast, lunch to dinner. Traditional Chinese Huaiyang cuisine is Nanjing`s hit.

Tailor made tours

Here are some fun and interesting tour sections that you might interesting as well. Those tours are more culture oriented.

Nanjing Qinhuai River Cruise Tour

Qinhuai River is our city river and it includes outer river and inner river, the city wall is built along the outer river which made the double defense of Nanjing city back to ancient times.

To taste the ancient view of Qinhuai River the best route would be start from Confusions Temple, take the cruise and view the ancient buildings from Ming Dynasty and Qin Dynasty, Ming General`s house (nowadays it`s a park), the boat will take us to the Ancient City Wall where it`s the main gate of Ancient City Wall.

Nanjing Local Market Tour

We always say when you traveling, meet a local and be a local. True, and I think the fast way to get to meet the local and be local, so the local market and grocery stores are the right places.

We have very local vegetable markets where you can buy all kinds of fresh vegetables, eggs, meats, seafood, fruits, ingredients, herbs, rice, grains, and breakfast vendors in the morning. For young generations, they sometimes prefer to go to supermarket or convenience stores for that. 

In Nanjing, SG is everywhere it`s a local brand with huge varieties, also their convenience stores too. We also have WalMart, Carrefour, AuChan etc.

So, shall we go check it out? Maybe you will find something you never see before :P

Nanjing Shopaholics 1-day tour

If you living in Nanjing for a while and wondering where local buy stuff or you may wanna find something different as a souvenir rather than the gift shops around tourist attractions, let`s go out for a shopping day! 

Fashion Lady - Fashion Lady has what its name implies – fashionable clothing and accessories for ladies.  Inside this underground mall is two floors of very long hallways lined with small stores each about 10-20 square meters large.  Since these stores are owned and operated privately it seems they each give off the unique style of the owner.

Xinjiekou - For those who cannot resist shopping for clothes, head directly for Xinjiekou.  Busy markets with affordable clothing such as Fashion Lady co-exist with high-class department stores such as Gold Eagle, Deji Plaza and newly opened House of Fraser.

Nanjing Aqua City - It`s new in Nanjing, it was opened inAguest 2008, and like other big shopping malls, it has many International Brand, like SEPHORA, C & A,  CK, H & M, UNIQLO.....It`s not only a shopping heaven and also has a nice theater inside.

Nanjing Nightlife Tours - Bar Crawling

In recent years Nanjing’s nightlife scene has undoubtedly changed for the better.  The 1912 entertainment district is a common place to start a tour of Nanjing’s nightlife as it features Nanjing’s largest concentration of bars and clubs.  Besides 1912, bars, pubs, clubs, karaoke, restaurants, and not-so-mentionable locales are dispersed across the city, especially near Xinjiekou and close to the student population.

Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival Tour

When Spring comes, the weather in Nanjing is getting warmer and our city flower plum blossom is coming out as well. February to March is the best months to visit.

The plum blossom garden is located inside of Ming Tomb which belongs to the founder of Ming Dynasty, during this trip, you will not only enough the aroma of the plum blossom you will also have a great hiking among Ming history.

This whole tour will take about 2 hours, a picnic during the sunny day would be so perfect for a family tour with kids, or you can add any other places that you would like to visit during the day tour.

Besides these, Nanjing has many other options, just let me know if you wanna try something new.

Click here for a quick overview of Nanjing’s specialty foods.​