If you weren't thinking or planning on doing that much, you can also email me (sam@nanjingtourguide.com) about what kind of places you would like to visit, such as:

Places that are more historical?

Good places to hike?

Places that you can see local Nanjing peoples' life?

Where to try Nanjing local food?

Just let me know and I will give you the answer and take you there.

Top attractions of nanjing

Nanjing Ancient City Wall - This wall is more than 600 years, built (finished) in Ming Dynasty. The wall is still standing around Nanjing and the original bricks are covered with Chinese characters on side, do you know why?

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall - One of the dark tourism site in Nanjing. In 1937, why Japanese chose to come to Nanjing and did the massacre? What's the purpose? What happened in Nanjing, China during the World War II (also known as the Second World War) in Asia section?

Find out more here at Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.

Nanjing Tour Guide

京 (jing) in Chinese means Capital, 北京 (Beijing) the capital of China, in which 北 means North, so it literally means Northern capital, so 南京 stands for Southern capital. Nanjing used to be the capital of China 10 times in the whole Chinese history.

Nanjing located in eastern China even though it isn't as fashionable as Shanghai, nor is its architecture as majestic as Beijing’s. But the well-preserved Chinese culture and history, ancient city wall and city gate, architecture unique to China's Minguo era (1912-1949) and roots of one of China’s finest cuisines are highly alluring.

Ming Tomb - Located at Purple Mountain area, it belongs to the founder of Ming Dynasty, Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. The whole area is good for hiking with natural and historical views on the side. Do you know how long it takes him to build this tomb? It`s one of our World Heritage site in Nanjing.

Some of my personal favorite places of Nanjing:

If you expect new, varied and authentic experience, welcome to Nanjing.

Nanjing Folk Museum - AKA Ganxi`s Residence. Here you will get a better understanding of how Nanjing local people`s life looks like, our local arts and local food. Behind his house, there is a very old Nanjing valleys which is over 60 years, you will see 2 eras of Nanjing.