Pick you up at the Airport or Train Station so you won't feel nervous if this is your first time in Nanjing and you don't know much about the Chinese language.
- Assist you to book train tickets/flight tickets if needed.
- Give you suggestions about hotel conditions, locations, services, and whether the staff speaks English when you choose a hotel.
- Car and minivan rental. I have 4 kinds of cars/minivans for different sizes of the group, all with experienced drivers (my uncle or me, they have both driving cars safely for more than 15 years), with seat belts. Cars are available for rent, cheaper than any car rental company.

      Nissan (Max 3 guests)                  Buick GL8 (Max 5 guests)                 Mercedes-Benz (Max 8 guests)             Toyota (Max 13 guests)

- I can be your shopping assistant or assistant for living in Nanjing, finding things such as Nanjing local food, supermarkets, open markets, electrical appliances, cheap but good quality DVDs, where to buy clothes and shoes, where to go for nightlife, theaters and such.
- I also am available for travel to Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, or other cities around Nanjing. We can take trains or long-distance buses.

about sam


Hi everyone, this is Samantha and you are welcome to call me Sam.

I was born and raised in Nanjing. I'm a real local Nanjinger who is familiar with Nanjing tourist attractions, culture, history, food, and places that not many people know, as well as all other interesting places you might never find on Google, Tripadvisor, or Lonely Planet. Bring you to the local Nanjing restaurant where we go eat often and you can find true and tasty Nanjing local food and snacks. Showing you around Nanjing and letting more and more people get to know the local Nanjing lifestyle is what I like to do, and that`s why I think my personal tour guide work is more of a hobby than a career. I can give you travel advice and travel tips as well.

I have been providing my services to global travelers in Nanjing on a part-time basis since 2008.

I also work as an interpreter and business assistant for board meetings, all kinds of projects, factory visits, etc. Orientation is another main service.

A little bit more about myself:

I love traveling. My plan is to visit every country in the world and so far I`ve been to countries such as Tanzania, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

I like to be a tour guide not only for letting the world know about Nanjing, but also can meet people from all over the world, so if some places I am not able to visit some, I can hear a lot of stories from my guests. 

Oh, I like elephants a lot, so you might see a lot of photos that have elephants involved :D

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