Posted on: Dec 31, 2011
Tripper:  Monwei

Sam was the greatest! It was like traveling with a very knowledgeable friend rather than an automaton tour guide! It was obvious to us that Sam had a deep passion and love for her native city of Nanjing. Her insider knowledge and anecdotes about the city were quite enlightening. My husband asked tons of questions, from why the Emperor was wearing certain kinds of shoes, to what the rocks signified in the Nanjing Massacre memorial, which Sam had an answer for. I'm a complete foodie and Sam did not disappoint with her restaurant selections and food suggestions. She was professional and quite intuitive to what we needed and was able to steer us to the right places! We had a grand time and would not think twice to have Sam take us around Nanjing! All in all it was a great experience; it was much better than any typical tour company or guide could provide! We're going to miss Nanjing, it's people, the food, the sights, and especially our guide and new friend Sam!

Everything we wrote is true and we sincerely appreciated your friendliness as a guide!

We look forward to visiting Nanjing with our family over the summer and we will definitely call you!

Take care!

If you're ever in Shanghai and need a place to stay for a couple of days you can always crash at our place!

Happy 2012!

:) Monwei

Posted on: Dec 25, 2011
Tripper:  Russell

I spent the day touring and visiting many sites in Nanjing with Samantha Wang who showed up at exactly the time we agreed upon on Sunday morning, a very positive start. She speaks amazing English I totally forgot she was Chinese. She was very knowledgable about Nanjing and all the sites we visited. She took me to a great restaurant for lunch and we had a fabulous meal. Samantha made my day very special and if she needs more recommendations I surely would supply them.

All in all she was one of the best city guides I have ever had

rusty cohen(usa)

Posted on: Dec 25, 2011
Tripper: Cecilie

I would like to recommend Samantha as a wonderful tour guide in Nanjing. I am an Australian teacher living in an outer suburb of Nanjing for 12 months and come into the city to stay on many weekends. I can go to the main tourist destinations myself and can use the metro. I asked Samantha to show me the local Nanjing, places I couldn't find with English tour books and some great places to eat. We had a fabulous day together. She had researched the area where I normally stay and found me a street of great food in the local community. I now eat there regularly. She spent a lot of time with the me and we departed company around 7:30pm. We were able to talk comfortably all day - she was like a good friend. I will call upon Samantha in the future to explore different areas of Nanjing.

Cecilie Yates

Posted on: Nov 9, 2011
Tripper: Jason

Hi Samantha:

Thank you for the great 2 days in Nanjing!  We really enjoyed our time with you.  You were well organized and took care of all the details that made the trip very nice.  We also felt like we really got to see Nanjing and your knowledge of history made the places we saw even more interesting. 

We also appreciated that you allowed us to go at our own pace and were flexible to allow plenty of time for those  things we were most interested in. 

As you know this was my parent's first trip to China and they commented over and over again how much they enjoyed their time in Nanjing and how glad they were I had arranged our tour with you.  We wish you the best and will call you next time we come to Nanjing. 

Also, please pass on our thanks to our driver.  He was extremely professional and kind. 

Thank you,


Posted on:  Oct 10, 2011
Tripper: Clemens

Hello Samantha,

On behalf of the whole group (13 people) I would like to thank you for your excellent service. It is not easy to manage such a big group, but you did it very patient-, efficient- and friendly. We all enjoy very much to be guided through Nanjing by you and appreciated the good choices of tea house and restaurant. This day has given us precious and happy memories.

Conclusion: Certainly we will recommend you.

Best regards, and thanks again.


Posted on:  May 18, 2011
Tripper: Rob

Hi Samantha, 

I just wanted to say thank you for the tour around Nanjing, especially when the tour took place over a Chinese Holiday! I really enjoyed every part of my trip in Nanjing, out of two weeks in Asia, it was my favorite time of the trip. 

I really appreciate your patience when my flight was delayed, and helping me with last minute changes. You were truly great!

Thank you for taking me to sites I wouldn't have seen on my own, giving me an understanding of the local culture, taking me to local restaurants, even taking the bus to and from Yangzhou was an adventure! 

I really enjoyed my tour of Nanjing!

Thanks again!!!


Posted on:  Apr 26, 2011
Tripper: Jonas

"Casual" sightseeing in Nanjing

Hey Samantha

I realised I forgot to leave a review :)

I hired Samantha for a single day of casual sightseeing in Najing in Feb 2011, she was an excellent guide and showed good knowledge of the area.

I was impressed with her ability to adapt to the situation when some of our original plans/places to visit were unavalible, she immediatly thought out new options and took me to some interesting places.

No dull or weird moments at all.

Jonas Taha

Software Developer


Posted on:  Apr 21, 2011
Tripper: Alexandra

Samantha is a great tour guide! Reliable, friendly, knowledgeable

Hi Samantha,

I'm finally back in Nashville. Thanks again for your wonderful tour of Nanjing, you did a great job!

I just spent a couple of days in Nanjing for work, and had contacted Samantha in advance to book a tour with her on the one free afternoon of my trip. To be honest, I was a little concerned that she might not show up for the tour and/or that I'd end up being lost in a foreign city whose language I don't speak - but I need not have worried at all, because Samantha is a very reliable person, arrived in the hotel lobby early, and took great care of me and my two friends that came with me on the tour.  

She is very friendly and knowledgeable, her English is fantastic, and she'll for sure show you everything you want to see in Nanjing. She was very helpful, and I enjoyed the tour with her very much. I totally recommend Samantha to anyone who's interested in getting to know an inside-perspective of Nanjing.

Greetings from the US,

Posted on: Apr 11, 2011
Tripper:  Roland & Angelika (Germany)

Dear Samantha, many thanks for this beautiful day in Nanjing. My wife and me was very proud to choose you as our tour guide. This day we will not forget. You show us really nice places. We learn a lot of the old history abt. Nanjing. Also our best regards to your father. He drive us safely and really comfortable. If you will be allowed we like to recommend you in our company and to all foreign visitors in Nanjing.

Best regards

Roland & Angelika

Posted on: Nov 26, 2010
Tripper: Tabetha Rosenberg

Thanks again sam, i really appreciate your help and thanks so much for your professionalism!! Im very happy to recommend your services to others! it's not easy to find guides like you!

Posted on: Nov 03, 2010
Tripper: Dawn Harrison

Hi Sam just wanted to thank you again for the great day in Nanjing, and to let you know we went to the Chinese restaurant you mentioned and had the dumplings last night. Had a great time. Hope to see you in Australia one day,  bye. Dawn.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2010
Tripper: Alfed Lee

Good guided service provided by Samantha during our tour in Nanjing

My wife & I wish to express our thanks for your good guided service while we have a 2-day tour in Nanjing last week. Definitely, we will use yr service for our next visit to Nanjing. Alfred Lee - Miri, Malaysia.

Posted on: Apr 01, 2010
Tripper: Phillips

Samantha has my highest recommendation!

Samantha is truly a special guides with a rich knowledge of Nanjing`s culture and history. She has a gift for bringing the city to life, and the generosity to give every travelers to Nanjing an unforgettable experience. She definitely has my highest recommendation!

--- Phillips, US

Posted on: Dec 21, 2009
Tripper: Ray

Samantha is a great tour guide in Nanjing

Hi Samantha,thanks for your great guide and company in Nanjing, we do enjoy very much in NJ.

Ray from Malaysia

Posted on: Jun 16, 2009
Tripper: Lance Wong

Great tour guide in Nanjing !

I'm really happy to have found Samantha as my local tour guide for Nanjing. From the beginning during the planning of my agenda she was knowledgeable, honest and open about the various places I wanted to see and the costs involved. It was nice and assuring to see her friendly smile at the airport and I felt confident that my short time in Nanjing would be a memorable one. She met me on time at my hotel the next morning, very well prepared with the whole day planned out for us. We visited the Sun Yat-sen Memorial and Ming Tombs before breaking for lunch at a very cool German bakery. The afternoon was spent at the Nanjing Massacre Museum which I really wanted to see and it was everything I expected it to be. "Sam" is very easy to talk to and very fluent in English.

Our second day was a bit of a challenge with the weather when it rained but Sam handled it perfectly. Maneuvering through the crowds and traffic, we got through the morning visiting the Drum Tower and Presidential Palace and then making time for my special requests of visiting the local Walmart (unlike ours in the US, especially the food sections), getting a foot massage, checking out Confucius Temple and Aqua City Shopping Center.

When you visit Nanjing, be sure to call on Samantha....

Lance Wong
Honolulu, Hawaii

Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
Tripper: Caron Smith

I used Samantha's services during my trip to Nanjing, and found her to be very helpful and knowledgeable. She's a great tour guide!



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