Nanjing Tour Guide

Relaxing Hot Spring Tour at Tangshan Area​

Nanjing Tangshan is famous for the hot spring, hot spring is good for your skin and circulation, relaxing your body and get rid of the press. Just imagine after a one day tour and soaking your body in the hot soring with all kinds of aroma releasing your tiresome from a full day walking.

They have nice hotel rooms, once we finish the first day, you can check-in to their hotel and you can use the hot pot at night, and the next day before you check out. They have rooms with private hot springs too.

Tangshan is also famous for the Ancient Ape Man Caves and the largest stele found for Ming Tomb. So those 2 attractions we can visit during your stay in Tangshan. Or, if you prefer, you can only go for the hot spring.

The tour plan would be:

1-day main city tour -----> go to Tangshan and check-in one hotel -----> Enjoy the Hot Spring at night or next day morning -----> Check out -----> Yangshan Stele -----> Tangshan Ancient Ape Man Caves -----> Back to the main city or train station/airport.

Since Tangshan is a little town outside of Nanjing city and it`s quite far away, I would suggest using a private car/van to drive there directly.

Please contact me if you need to book a room for a night, it`s popular in winter and reservation in advance is highly recommended.