Nanjing Tour Guide

This tour package is based on geographical locations, it can be tailor made based on the places of your interests.

Nanjing used to be the capital of China for 10 times in the history, what makes it so special that all empires, Dr.Sun Yan-Sen chose Nanjing as the capital. The location? The people? Secrets? Let`s find it out in this historical tours.

Day 1

Pick up from train station/hotel ------> Dr. Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum+Ming Tombs (they are next to each other, admission fee, 70 CNY/person)------> Nanjing Ancient City Wall and City Gate (45 CNY/person) --------> Confusions Temple as known as Fuzimiao (Free entrance, the view at night is even beautiful, river cruise is available here.) ------> Back to hotel.

Day 2

Meet up at hotel ------> Gan`s former Residence (Admission: 20 CNY/person, An ancient merchant private house with many Nanjing local customers, local arts etc.) ------> Yuejiang Tower (where you can see the Yangtze River and Yangtze River Bridge, Admission: 40 CNY/person) ------> Nanjing Masseur Memorial Hall (Free Admission) -------> Nanjing Brocade Museum of China (Free Admission) ------> Back to hotel/train station.

We could choose public transportations like Subways, taxis, public buses, or you want to be more comfortable and time efficiency, you could rent my private car or private minivan if you travel with family.

I could also make an itinerary based on your suggestions, just tell me where you wanna go and what want to see.

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Nanjing Historical Tours 2 days Package